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Isabel Catherine Kelley 

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Isabel Catherine Kelley is an artist based in Portland, Maine. After receiving her BFA in Sculpture and Minor in Art History from Maine College of Art in 2013, Isabel has been involved in a wide range of projects; from stone carving to screen-printing. The use of multiple practices has served the archetypal themes of her work, which she considers to be a continuum of dissatisfied wills.

She is exploring what is outside of normal sensory channels through the induction of mental and physical states from one being to another, to time, place, and matter. In her sculptural work she arranges figures as if they are on their own stage; caught in their memory, in their wills for the present, and their desires for the future. Rarely do these bodies physically touch. They interact through their stature, placement, and significance perceived by this expression. Isabel wishes to expand on the driving universal spirit in her interpretations of themes of the continuity of regeneration and degeneration, the inner life, and the use of a physical body as a vehicle for universal existence.

Site of Reservations / Isabel Kelley
Untitled by Isabel Kelley
Wishbone by Isabel Kelley
As You Were by Isabel Kelley
Eye of the Birch by Isabel Kelley
Reservations by Isabel Kelley
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