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Dick Alden

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East Boothbay, Maine


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Dick Alden has been carving wood and stone for over 30 years, full time in mostly marble and granite since 2009 at Starfish Studio, which he shares with his wife and art mate Priscilla May Alden, a fiber artist and printmaker. Renowned Maine sculptor, William Zorach, said it best: “Rhythm is a cosmic force…our sense of movement is deeply rooted, it is universal”. Dick enjoys the mentally and physically intensive process of carving and shaping his pieces to exude a rhythmic motion, balance and harmony. his figurative artwork is further inspired by mythology and a vision of ancient peoples. The challenge is to capture that special spirit which each stone possesses.

Vessel I by Dick Alden
10 x 11 x 5 in
Penelope II by Dick Alden
Vermont Marble
18 x 5 x 5 in
by Dick Alden
Joy Pearl by Dick Alden
Emerald pearl granite
Mercury by Dick Alden
Heritage Valley
Mercury by Dick Alden
Heritage Valley
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